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Civilian Drones the Documentary


Upcoming Documentary Civilian Drones highlights The Human Toll while the U.S. NAS Integration Effort Stagnates.

The documentary produced by MahaPix Studios is sure to raise eyebrows as it exposes the viewer to the lifesaving potential of small unmanned systems. Beyond the hypothetical, the film reveals the incredible potential of unmanned technology when placed in the hands of dedicated individuals with passion and experience. Transcending the business plan, the film delves into an industry that has been crippled and waylaid by what can only be labeled a bureaucratic travesty.

The following clip from Civilian Drones was first aired publicly at the Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo in San Francisco July 26, 2013. The crowd in attendance, mainly proponents of the technology, responded positively, relieved to see their plight evolve to a new platform — public exposure. Colorful adjectives, suggested by the crowd, reflected the discontent with the status quo and affirmed the notion that the industry is fed up with the D.C. bureaucracy.

The film’s writer, an FAA certified flight instructor, failed to get a response from the FAA regarding the operations of unmanned aircraft. “I have been entrusted by the FAA to teach student pilots to respect the rules of the NAS.”

For more information about this project, please visit and support their efforts.

We will delve further into the film as we interview the producer on an upcoming podcast episode.

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