Americas Civil Multirotor

World First Flying 3D Printer – Bukito Meets an Octocopter


Now if this was printing fast food in flight….  We believe a world first, the creation of a 3D printed object in flight on an unmanned aircraft. I can’t can’t quite see a why yet but no doubt somebody would find this useful.

Working with Deezmaker 3d print shop and manufacturer of the new Kickstarter Bukito miniature printer Multirotor designers Velocitybukito Pigeon  lifted the printer with their their VPAS 8 Octocopter.  The VPAS 8 has been tested with up to 3.1kg of cargo and plans for you to 3D print your own VPAS 8  will be released soon. Its a bit of a work in progress at the moment.

Young guys and girls like this are leading the new unmanned aviation charge. They are doing things that they don’t know should be difficult. Established large DOD vendors need to start clicking their browsers and head hunting bright young things for fear of inventing tech that has been and gone in the maker movement.

Well done all involved.

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