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New GeoSnap Products from Field of View Streamline Multispectral Mapping

David Dvorak from Field of View wrote to tell us about their products expect a G+ Hangout with David soon.

Field of View, an aerial imaging technology company specializing in agriculture, recently released their GeoSnap product line that integrates tightly with Tetracam multispectral cameras.

GeoSnap products allow users to generate the succinct image-correlated position/attitude data that is required to perform direct georeferencing. Multispectral data seekers and payload integrators now have a turn-key position/attitude data solution that simplifies the process of converting captured images into useable maps of crop health.

As part of the GeoSnap package Field of View includes Geotility, an easy-to-use direct georeferencing software tool. Geotility utilizes the logged position/attitude data, along with information about the camera’s field of view, to automatically overlay the captured images onto Google Earth background imagery. This functionality allows users to quickly and easily visualize image coverage after landing and, if any gaps are found, re-fly the mission while still at the field.


Field of View’s GeoSnap products transform any suitable unmanned or manned aircraft into an effective multispectral imaging platform. Users can effortlessly acquire image-correlated position/attitude data that can be used to streamline orthomosaic production. The GeoSnap image logs are stored in plain text, allowing them to be directly imported into photogrammtery software, such as Agisoft PhotoScan Pro, to speed up processing time and reduce distortions. Field of View is located in Grand Forks, ND and has developed unmatched expertise and insight in the unique world of unmanned aircraft based multispectral and agricultural aerial imaging. They design and sell the latest in remote sensing products and provide consultation to those looking to expand their presence in this growing industry.

For more information about Field of View’s products or consultation services, please contact [email protected] or visit the website at

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