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Oculus Systems to Launch Huginn X-1 Nano UAS in the UK

A claimed 30 minute flight time, that’s impressive (ed)

Oculus Systems Ltd is pleased to announce that it has become the UK re-seller for the NANO UAS, Huginn X-1 (manufactured by Sky-Watch in Denmark).

A lightweight and agile platform with intuitive controls the X-1 will be a popular choice for a wide variety of tasks in both civilian and military arenas. The X-1 is a UAS designed for visual inspection, such as IED clearance, surveillance, search, visual inspection of inaccessible areas, inspection of contaminated areas and pipe & power line inspection.

John Larkin, General Manager of Oculus Systems Ltd said, ‘The X-1 is creating a lot of interest in the UAS market, as people begin to see the potential of this flexible and cost-effective solution.’

The platform is equipped with a dual mounted EO/IR camera, which can take high-resolution pictures and videos. The aircraft has an integrated GPS and the operator can control the aircraft using autonomous way point mode or manually controlling flight to enable inspection of indoor facilities.

Easily deployable, the X1 can be transported as hand luggage on aircraft or in the back of a car and can be set up and deployed in less than three minutes.

Key features:
• 1.3kg weight inc. payload: 30 min endurance time
• Combined EO/IR camera: Water and dust resistant
• GPS positioning: Auto take-off and landing
• Dynamic way-point navigation: Come home
• Auto return to home if datalink lost: Perch and stare

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