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More Shenanigans from the FAA

Just got word back for my local House member’s office. It appears that they are sticking with the party line that manufacturers of small UAS are on the UAS ARC. I don’t believe that they have collective reading comprehension issues and know that it is about small business.

I have it on good authority that the “Committee” chose who would be on the ARC and that well qualified individuals were left off because of their affiliations. More than likely in my case they didn’t want to hear me complain or raise concerns about issues and happenings running counter to the public best interest.

Maybe this is another point that the privacy folks should address as the public has no representation on the UAS ARC. It would appear that the DoD closed circuit extends into the promulgation of rules and laws that we must abide by. Of course, these rules are being crafted in secret without any oversight by a group of individuals who’ve shown a propensity for having difficulty comprehending even relatively simple concepts.

i.e. Including small business in a public rulemaking process that will adversely affect them!

I don’t think you have to be the House Dick to figure out their next move. However, I will openly state for the benefit of those in the employ of the Nihilism Bureau (aka FAA) the RCAPA will not accept the busy work position of subcommittee SME. As was dutifully highlighted in our original plea for inclusion in the public rulemaking process. We understand that the role of SME is of no consequence. The small business and academic stakeholder are still just shut out by a regulator that appears to have effectively become an instrument of the DoD contractor cadre. Definitely duties missing from the job descriptions for both the Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety and Manager of the Unmanned Aircraft Program Office (UAPO).

The Congresswoman has made an inquiry to the Acting Administrator himself on our behalf.

Thank you Congresswoman Matsui for your diligence on this matter.

To be continued…

Read the FAA response May 2nd ARC Response

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  1. I heard about a UAV bought from a small buisness with Grant Money, but another company already felt they sould be the sole provider and the Grant UAV never flew, but money made it to the Small Veteran Owned Buisness as required by Law…

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