UAS study for SAAB

Defence group Saab has launched a study of a new unmanned aircraft.

The aircraft will be used to carry out intelligence reconnaissance and surveillance.

Mats Palmberg, Marketing and responsible for future products at Saab Aeronautics. -“This is one of the most interesting opportunities we see right now”, he said. “It’s all about concept studies for a medium-sized unmanned air ship with ISR sensors, which can be the same size as Neuron or Gripen. The plane is not a fighter and will not have stealth capability. It can fly long distances and can be airborne for longer periods, such as the coasts and oceans”. Mats Palmberg believes that the concept may be of interest to both military and civilian agencies as customers. As an example he mentions that the new UAS can cover the Coast Guard’s needs in different countries or the need for environmental monitoring. Last week’s revelation in the American media that Saab conducted studies on a new design of turbo-prop plane in cooperation with different suppliers is true, but Saab has already scrapped the plans.