Indias first Quadrocopter Course

Indias first Quadrocopter training course rolls out, the program takes 80 hours and costs $127, you will need to buy the parts to build your quad from the course providers own shop and that pushes the cost up.

Quadrotor Helicopter Robot Development


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) Robotics Introduction,

Quadrotor Configuration and Imortance

Aerodynamics and Quadrotor MechanismBrushless(BLDC) Motors Introduction,

3- Phase motor mechanism,

High Speed Requirements

Introduction to Electronic Speed Controller and BEC for BLDC ControlThrust Calculation,

Wireless System for Quadrotor,

Distance Sensor Design and Interfacing with Microcontroller.

Parallel Control of BLDCs using Servo controller board.

Programming for Take off,

Landing and Hovering the UAV.

Training & Project Certification from Vaskoe Technologies Private Limited Detailed Content Part I

Introduction to Robotics
Why Flying Robots?
Quadrocopter Introduction
Comparision with other Aero Models
Aerodynamics Concepts for Quadrotor
Understanding 3D flying system – Yaw, Pitch and Roll
Propellers and Propeller Types
Thrust Generation Mechanism by Propellers
Torque Balancing of Quadrotor
Rotating and Counter Rotating Propellers
Slow Flyer and Flyer Pusher Propellers
Understanding BLDC Motors
BLDC over traditional DC motors
ESC Introduction and requirement
Interfacing ESC to BLDC

Part II
Essential Electronics & Embedded System
Introduction to Sensors
Designing Distance Sensors
Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors
Simultaneous BLDC Controlling Issues
Interfacing with Multi-channel PWM Board
High range Wireless Introduction
Wireless circuit Design
Programming the Transmitter and Receiver
Testing BLDC control from Wireless

Part III
Quadrotor Assembly
Mounting Motors and R, CR Propellers
Assembling Lipo, ESCs, Quad Controller main board
Programming Quad Controller Board
Securing Arena and First Test Flight

Part IV
Understanding Yaw, Pitch and Roll
Advanced Programming for Quadrotor Hovering
Attaching Distance Sensors to Quadrotor
Avoiding Obstacles while Hover
Safe Landing

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Brett Whalin

US Commercial Multi-engine; Instrument Airplane pilot UAS/RPV/RPA/UAV pilot Sensor Operator