Minding The (Information) Gap

The unmanned aviation topic and the sUAS News portal’s popularity are growing by veritable leaps and bounds. Every notion we have or effort to disseminate relevant and timely information is met with enthusiasm and as often accompanied with eager offers for program or venue participation.

The E-News has gone to daily distribution. When we originally hatched the 7-Days we thought we’d be doing folks the courtesy of a neat and tidy once a week reference compendium. But, the public gets with the public wants, and throngs of folks signing up.

I’ve come fresh off the task of putting the sUAS News 2012 Media Kit in the can. That gives me license to share some of our affecting plans for the not so distant future. In some circles, those superlatives may smack of braggadocio, but not here as we endeavor to deliver on all superlatives employed in the making of these pieces. Good luck cashing in on that over at the AvWeek site! ;-)

During the course of the Media Kits completion, I hatched a number of additional vehicles, manned in this case by subject matter experts (so no need for enforcement) to impart their empirical knowledge as well as, germane discussions with a sense of relevance not to be avoided by anyone bent on aviation.

The follow four proposed podcasts titles are as follows:

1. sUAS Public Safety Applications (feat., Gene Robinson RP Search Services

2. Unmanned Airships (LTA) (feat., Tony White Galaxy Blimps)

3. Global Airspace Integration Update (A round table discussion)

4. Tower ISR Platforms

A couple of Webinars to round out the conversation in an inclusive and participatory fashion.

1. Unmanned Technologies University Programs (feat., all UA programs welcome)

2. EO/IR Sensors Considerations and the Common Operators Picture (COP)

We enthusiastic about the notion of a roundtable discussion highlighting the different degree programs offered in this field. I envision a production that is lively and informative with prospective students brought into the conversation. Abel to make inquires and interacting with representatives from the different schools trying to ascertain which program is the best fit for their individual, and future goals. I openly encourage anyone contemplating one enrolling in one of these programs to participate in this unique opportunity. For businesses wishing to bring awareness to their respective goods and services, there are a myriad of sponsorship opportunities associated with the program titles.

We are also open to hearing about topics the readership is interested in, and guest recommendations for future presentations.