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UAVForge Milestone 2 Proof of Flight results are in

A total of 385 individuals voted 1511 times and 255 comments were posted by 158 individuals during the voting period.

According to the UAV Forge organisers:

The final rankings posted for each team represent a filtered score that objectively captures the underlying information content of observable voting patterns. We won’t be more specific, because we aren’t willing to risk exposing detailed information about who voted for what, and because we don’t want to invite individuals to try to exploit our approach in the future, but we invite you to consider the results on merit

The top ten scoring teams were:

1.            GremLion 3.148
2.            DHAKSHA 2.944
3.   2.848
4.            ATMOS 2.722
5.            WIDrone 2.700
6.            X-MUAS 2.688
7.            evaForge 2.667
8.            HALO 2.611
9.            Extractor X 2.550
10.          SwiftSight 2.500

Next up, from the 24th of February to the 1st of March, is Milestone 3. The crowd, DARPA and SSC Atlantic will see the teams’ Live Demo Videos after teams have demonstrated the authenticity of their systems while receiving real time flight instructions from the UAV Forge organisers.

Milestone 3 will determine who the ten finalists are, who will get to fly their systems in the Competition Fly-Off at Fort Stewart, Georgia around the middle of May 2012.

Here is the Proof of Flight video from the top scoring team for this round, Gremlion.



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