Its back and improved the WASP, Wi-Fi Aerial Surveillance Platform

Tassey and Perkins will demonstrate the WASP’s high-flying exploits at next week’s Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas.

This is the second year Tassey, a security consultant to Wall Street and the U.S. intelligence community and Perkins, a senior security engineer supporting the U.S. government (and a one-time owner of an airplane hobby shop), will wow the Black Hat crowd with their homemade 14-foot flying hacker, Forbes reported.

Built from a retired Army target drone and equipped with HD cameras and a “cigarette-pack sized on-board Linux computer” with a 340 million-word dictionary for “brute force guessing of passwords,” the WASP could be a quickly moving threat to home Wi-Fi networks.

Will the FAA keep looking the other way? They seem unable to Police sUAS operation in the USA.

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