PAMS System from Smartplane’s

PAMS from Smartplane

Many time-critical mapping and monitoring tasks can be done more effectively with small UAS than with conventional manned aircraft.  In fact, this technology opens up many new applications for aerial survey where conventional methods would be impractical, too dangerous or prohibitively expensive.

Smartplanes Personal Aerial Mapping System PAMS is the result of integrating modern UAS technology with advanced data processing software into a highly automated turn-key system that can be operated by non-specialists.

The bird-sized SmartOne aircraft is specifically designed to meet the rigorous safety standards set up by aviation authorities for operation in non-segregated airspace and over populated areas. It has been achieved by designing the airframe with blunt energy absorbing structures and limiting the total mass and kinetic energy to levels where it doesn’t pose any danger to persons on the ground or additional risk to manned aircraft. Smartplanes PAMS systems are currently in operational service in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and the UK.

The efficient aerodynamics of the flying wing design combined with a tiny but capable autopilot and a brushless electric motor gives impressive performance and flexibility. In standard configuration the aircraft has an endurance of up to 37 minutes, enough to survey a square kilometre from 300 m altitude. In extended range configuration, test flights have demonstrated an endurance of over 1.5 hours corresponding to a flight distance of 75 km.

PAMS Aerial Mapping software enables operators to produce georeferenced and high resolution photo maps directly on site within minutes after landing. The web-based PAMS processing service provides a streamlined capability to generate advanced value added products such as, high density surface models DSMs and high resolution orthophoto mosaics.

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