KOAX X-240 MK II – Ready For Vertical Take-off

Swiss UAV X240

Making a stir on the wires and with the first use that we have seen of the term, “Avalance Blasting”  as a use for a UAV. The Swiss UAV coaxial helicopter platform is ready for sale.

Yet another cool UAV coming out of Europe, can this mean that sensible regulation drives innovation?  Large rotary platform as well. This size of platform demands operator and pilot certification. You would not want to be trying to stop one of those 1,20m blades with your body. Finally sUAS are moving away from being modified hobby systems.
SWISS UAV AG finished the development of the brand new KOAX X-240 system.
This easy to handle new VTOL UAV uses the exciting technology of the ultra stable coaxial helicopter platform and is able to perform fully autonomous flights from start to landing. Equipped with exactly the same electronics than the bigger brother NEO S-300 it can be handled by the same ground control station without any changes. The small design makes it interesting for a lot of civil applications or military applications such as:
1) Convoy protection
2) Field camp protection
3) Harbour patrol
4) Border patrol
5) Traffic monitoring
6) Avalange blasting
Technical Specifications:
Fuselage (L x W x H H): 165 x 50 x 95cm
Powerplant: 8kw turbine, Jet A1 powered
Endurance: up to 90 min
Max Speed: 80 km/h
Rotor: 240 cm, 3 blades
MTOW: 45 kg
Dry weight: 22 kg
Payload: up to 8 kg
Fuel: up to 22 liters JET A1
Electrical: Aircraft-approved wiring, MIL connectors
Autopilot: Double redundant
Datalink: Double redundant
GCS: NATO STANAG 4586 compliant
KOAX X-240 MK II helicopter