Drone tests over farm near Batavia will start soon


David Riley, Drones may soon be buzzing near Batavia. An announcement last week that researchers will soon fly a lightweight, self-guided drone over a farm near Batavia revealed that a federally backed project to test unmanned aircraft could reach farther…

UAV technology aids in collecting invaluable data


The work of a computer scientist at Aberystwyth University has helped capture images of Greenland glaciers for the purpose of building digital elevation maps and gathering glaciology data for research. Dr Neal Snooke, a lecturer at the Department of Computer…

Robotic Raptors to the Rescue


BY EMMA BRYCE The ability to fly may be one of birds’ most enviable qualities, but it also makes them much more difficult to corral, even when it’s for their own good. While appropriate fencing may keep some land creatures…