Kickstarter StitchCAM


The StitchCAM is a revolutionary new multispectral camera drone that simultaneously provides full color images and NIR data.  Now every farmer/greens keeper/developer can have NDVI on tap at the push of a button. View StitchCAM Kickstarter for more information

Five Reasons the AUVSI Got Its Drone Market Forecast Wrong


Colin Snow Since its publication in early 2013, AUVSI’s The Economic Impact of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration in the United States has become the gold standard forecast for the commercial drone market, garnering media attention typically reserved for celebrity weddings and babies…

Drones the subject of legal debates


By Leisa Boley-Hellwarth, a dairy farmer and an attorney from Celina Drones have the potential to revolutionize agriculture, at least according to “The Huffington Post” on Dec. 13, 2013. When the mainstream media pays attention to agricultural innovations, it is…

Unmanned aerial vehicles are flying to the farm

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BY JOHNNY CLARK Associated Press MOULTRIE, GA. — A Georgia consortium is poised to be a leader in unmanned aerial vehicle technologies for farming. A statewide working group that includes state and federal government, industry and academia, has been working since 2009…

Upper Midwest farmers employ drone technology


Dan Gunderson, MPR News “Once you get experience with it, it takes about five to ten minutes to do the setup, so it’s a pretty simple process,” said Erickson, an agricultural economics major at North Dakota State University. He then…