T-MOTOR has a message to convey

T-MOTOR has a message to convey

1. What is a drone propulsion system?

The combination of motors, ESCs, propellers and batteies.

2. Does drone propulsion have the function of storing information?

No, these devices fit together, power up and spin, and that’s it. ESCs can be programmed in the background but without any memory function.

3. What has kept T-MOTOR going over the years?

For years, our innovations, our quality, and our manufacturing capabilities have been on full display…
Many of the standards we uphold have become benchmarks emulated across the industry…
Through a succession of computing performance validations, we have supported users in delivering reliable, customized product batches…

4. What is the underlying meaning that T-MOTOR is trying to get across right now?

Reliable products are the result of investing in professional tools, meticulous manufacturing, a seasoned workforce, and masterful manual winding and assembly. The success we’ve achieved on this path is thanks to the support and acknowledgment of our users. Looking ahead, we remain committed to providing goods that our customers can depend on.

We chatted about the T-Motor ban last night (ed)

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