Ten hour slideshow of images extracted from DJI Flight Record data from 2017

Ten hour slideshow of images extracted from DJI Flight Record data from 2017

Flight log ingestion is one “spoke” of the wheel making up DJI Sentinel & Supervisor 用户画像 (User Portrait) 数据平台 (Data Platform) 舆情分析_规划讨论稿 (Public Opinion Analysis) 个人信息交叉匹配 (Personal information cross matching) big data program leaked here:

Raw DJI flight logs from 2017 leaked from DJI AWS server here:

DJI Privacy Policy:
“We retain your information to provide service to you, or as required by applicable laws or regulations. We aim to retain your information only for the period necessary to fulfil our obligations under this Policy, unless otherwise required or permitted by law. We will carefully assess the need to collect data, the type of data collected, relevant legal framework, and the statute of limitations when determining the retention period.”

“Photos and Videos. DJI does not automatically collect your photo or video without your consent and affirmative actions. When you choose to upload your photos, videos or other content using DJI Products and Services, including text content relating thereto, we may collect and store such content, including EXIF data relating to the photo or video. If such content contains information about others, you should obtain any required or appropriate consent from such persons and inform them about this Policy prior to uploading such content to DJI.”

“To detect, prevent, and respond to fraud, abuse, security risks, and technical issues that could harm our users, us, or the public. We may use your Account Information, Device-Related and Flight-Related Information for this purpose.”

This data dump impacts 6000+ users, exposing 378,000+ photos within the auto sync’d “Flight Log” (FlightRecord) telemetry stream. This dataset is largely bias toward chinese users due to the fact their DJI username comprises of an email address made up of (phonenumber)@qq.com. When the AWS copy started, it happened with AlphaNumeric sorting, numbers first. This is but a fraction of the end user flight log data DJI holds in their servers. This is a snapshot in time from 7 years ago!

Steps to reproduce in video description.


Kevin Finisterre