After a long period of R&D and testing, we are delighted to welcome a new member of the ZHT family – KEEL Mini!

KEEL Mini is a modular four-rotor drone independently developed by ZHT AERO. Its frame, arms and propellers are made of high-strength carbon fibre and aviation aluminium materials, which ensures the overall strength of the drone while lightweight. Its empty weight is only about 3.7kg (excl. battery and props), and the symmetrical wheelbase is about 906mm. The modular design makes it easier for users to carry and transport, one person can easily operate it. Its compact size can safely take off and land in a venue with a diameter of 2 meters.

KEEL Mini is equipped with two pairs of 22-inch folding propellers, four 135KV motors, and two 19200mAh solid-state batteries, which provide powerful power and long endurance for its flight. The effective flight time is 70 minutes (no payload), the maximum takeoff weight is 16kg, and the maximum load capacity is 8kg. Truly “small” but “strong”.

KEEL Mini comes standard with one Pandora quick-release structure, which can support up to 4 pcs. It is suitable for various expansions such as a gimbal camera, megaphone, searchlight, airdrop device and so on. At the same time, it has reserved expansion installation holes for installing parachutes, GPS modules, video & data links and other equipment can be widely used in logistics, agriculture, surveying & mapping, emergency rescue and other areas. Relying on the advantages of independent research and development, Keel Mini supports customized services to fully meet the needs of different industries.