Ukraine – Create an FPV drone at home, join the destruction of enemies by yourself

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Development of Education, Science and Technology, Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov has called on Facebook for Ukrainians to learn how to build FPV drones at home, the Replicator project on steriods! (ed)

During the full-scale war, the government changed policies for drone manufacturers, removing blockers and creating conditions for them. It gave the jump to mass production. This is why I said that a million fpv drones a year is a realistic goal.

Now production is developing, and while companies are gaining momentum, you can personally push Ukraine to victory, even in the rear.

Ukrainians are constantly creating cool initiatives to help the Defense Forces. I want to talk about one of them – the National Drone Project from Victory Drones of the Dignitas technological assistance fund. This is an engineering course that teaches you how to assemble a 7-inch FPV drone at home.

During the course, you will have access to lectures, Zoom speakers, a list of components and must-haves of tools and materials to purchase, and access to an engineering community for advice and questions.

Collecting FPV – sending to Victory Drones instructors. After that, the drone undergoes a quality check and weight test. If the test is successful – the drone will be transferred to the military. The course starts every two weeks. Tuition is completely free. Sign up here –

Participants of the course have already passed military over 100 beetzpív. Overall, more than 80% of them came to Victory Drones instructors for inspection in good working order, the rest needed some fine work. This is a very high score for the pilot assembly!

FPV drones became the game changer in this war. Join the project – and be involved in victory.

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