The Babka can be deployed for non-stop flight missions of up to 180 minutes. With its VTOL configuration and simple setup, the BABKA can be launched from confined spaces by a single operator with ease and confidence. No runway is needed.

The Babka provides BVLOS strategic situational awareness either day or night, with the ability to broadcast securely to multiple locations, allowing users to view the live feed from anywhere in the world.

The Babka is designed to operate in GNSS or denied environments. Featuring intelligent return to launch mode and offering autonomous mission capability or the option to fly manually. It uses a secure wireless link to provide protection in the field and can be quickly adapted to use the cellular network or MANET radio modules, which can be highly effective in urban environments or increasing range.

  • Variant description: 12.3MP DUAL Camera Babka
  • TRL(10 = in service): 10
  • Dimensions (Wingspan): 2.3m
  • Weight (with battery): 8kg
  • Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW): 11kg
  • Maximum payload capacity: 3kg
  • Payload options: LTE Module, Tactical Radio
  • Cruise & Maximum Speed: Up to 120kph
  • Maximum Range with UAVTEK Radio: 16km with controller, 55km with optional patch antenna
  • Maximum range with LTE Option: 360km one way
  • Endurance: Up to 180mins
  • Operational Temperature: -20 to +50 Degree Celcius
  • Maximum windspeed: 30knts (35knts gust)
  • Guidance (GPS/EO & IR): GPS guidance & dead reckoning
  • Engine Type: Electric
  • Deployment time: > 5 min
  • Follow me mode: Yes
  • Autonomous operation: Yes
  • Returntohome: Yes
  • Smart Returntohome: Yes
  • Return to rally point: Yes
  • Swarm capability: No
  • Emergency modes (abort): Yes
  • Other modes: Non GPS, GPS restricted, GPS non-restricted, fully autonomous, full safety flight
  • Maritime operation: Yes
  • Indoor operation, guidance, and concept of operation: No
  • Ability to navigate autonomously without SDcard: Yes
  • GCS handover: Yes
  • Day Camera: EO 2pcs 12.3MP
  • Thermal Camera: 384 x 288, 25Hz
  • Video Stream: 1080P
  • Launch and Recovery Options: Ground / Vehicle / Boat
  • Frequency: 5.8Ghz / 2.4GhZ / Cellular* / Tactical Radio* (*Requires optional payload)
  • Denied Environment Capable: Yes
  • VTOL configuration and simple set-up
  • With low visual/audible signature the Babka is a capable platform even in the most challenging environments