Roark Aerospace Announce Price Points for Aero-Ark Devices and Service

Roark Aerospace Announce Price Points for Aero-Ark Devices and Service

Roark Aerospace ( have today released the price points for their innovative Aero-Ark device and service.

The Aero-Ark is a portable C-UAS device that can also be fixed-mounted. There are three variants:

The Aero-Ark WiRED provides detection services using forward scatter analysis derived from onboard receivers ingesting signal data from LEO and MEO satellites. The data is then processed against fine-tuned AI and ML algorithms to make real-time determinations. This all occurs “on-device” with an onboard FPGA used for offloading the intensive AI elements. The Aero-Ark WiRed starts at £3200 ex VAT and provides 360-degree coverage for up to 120nM depending on topology and placement.

The Aero-Ark CRI provides detection and identification services using traditional network scanning of the 2.4GH and 5.8GHz frequency spectrums and also includes packet detection on SATCOM, LTE and LoRa. Offering 360-degree range up to 8KM irrespective of topology and placement, the
Aero-Ark CRI starts at £2150 ex VAT.

The combined variant (WiRED + CRI) starts at £4450 ex VAT.

Additional extras include communication modules including C-Band as well as network disruptor elements for those with the permitted ability to deploy. In addition to the hardware deployments, Roark Aerospace also offer “Detection as a Service” allowing customers to obtain both WiRED and CRI services without deploying hardware. This is currently limited in scope but Roark is confident of having coverage in 100 cities globally by the end of 2024. Prices per user start at £95 ex VAT per month.

Finally there is the “Rapid Deploy” service which enables stakeholders to deploy hardware without the large upfront cost of acquisition, instead paying a day rate based on requirements. This starts at £185 per day ex VAT.

Given the comparative pricing points against current options such as the DJI Aeroscope at £20,000, the Aero-Ark options offer a highly cost-effective hardware deployment option as well as bringing detection and disruption services to users who were previously prohibited by the onboarding costs.

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