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The Part 108 meeting, you were not invited to

This is a public records request. I am a member of the press working on a story for the benefit of the American public.

I am specifically requesting records pertaining to the following –

Part 108 meeting held on October 11th, 2023.

I am requesting documentation including email and or text correspondence from FAA legal sanctioning the October 11th, 2023 meeting, and the meeting not being considered Ex Parte even though it directly relates to public rulemaking. 

I am requesting all unedited notes, recordings (audio/visual) or any means of memorialization of the meeting. 

I am requesting all associated emails (generated by the FAA or received by the FAA) in relation to invitations, and correspondence.

I am requesting the attendance invitation criteria.

I am requesting a list of attendees and “stakeholders” who were invited. 

I am requesting a list of attendees and “stakeholders” who were present including public employees and or appointees. 

Who was chosen to represent the public?

Please provide me with the information via email.

Thank you, Patrick Egan

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