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Quantum Systems– Why We Invested

Securing €63 million in Series B funding to strengthen its AI-powered drone-robotics capabilities, Quantum Systems has raised over 100M to date to scale its multi-purpose technologies.

The Airbus Ventures team is excited to announce our newest investment in Quantum Systems, specialising in dual-use drones and robotics employing state-of-the-art multi-sensor technology for civil and government applications.

This latest financing round underscores Quantum Systems’ determination to boost its aerial intelligence offerings globally. Through its compelling synthesis of AI, hardware, and data fusion, Quantum Systems transforms business operations and enhances efficiency across agriculture, mining, inspection, and construction, in addition to other industries.

The team also continues to develop defence, humanitarian, and geospatial operational capabilities, as they provide critical support to Ukraine and beyond. Airbus Ventures has been closely tracking the drone market since the inception of the firm and was immediately drawn to Quantum Systems’ exceptional production facilities and impressive and highly-competitive customer traction.

With a diversified product mix, they’ve had significant business developments globally and currently have business locations in the United States, Australia and Ukraine. Trinity™, Vector™, Scorpion™, included among the company’s suite of drone products, accelerate decision-making through aerial data capture, and have the ability to manoeuvre within different weight classes and operational range requirements.

With over 175,000+ logged flight hours, Quantum Systems’ drones are portable, lightweight, enduring, and provide unique edge-computing capabilities. Their product suite, with multiple form factors and architectures, can support vertical take-off and landing, several payload classes, and the use of on-board processing and edge computing for AI deployment and decision-making in GPS-denied and high-latency environments.

The networking and edge processing among Quantum Systems’ drones allows autonomous mapping of large areas, surveillance and information gathering activities, environmental research, and disaster prevention. Linear Infrastructure As an essential offering among its full list of capabilities, Quantum Systems’ drones can be implemented to support automated railway inspection. While the Deutsche Bahn has used QS technology previously to inspect their railway network (especially useful in the wake of inclement weather), this Series B funding will be used to deepen the team’s abilities to improve efficiencies for critical infrastructure.

The QS team is working on fully implementing a network of fully automated drone-ports, or “nests,” that enable users to collect data on-demand and access real-time analytics. We are confident that supervising critical infrastructure, private or government-owned, using Quantum Systems DronePorts can prove to be an essential growth market.

AI-Based Forest Monitoring and Biodiversity Conservation In March 2023, Quantum-System announced the joint launch of its AI-based forest monitoring initiative to support the project early detection of forest fires using artificial intelligence, data, drones and decision support systems. This initiative was launched in cooperation with The [ui!] Urban Mobility Innovations, the Technical University of Deggendorf, the University of Bayreuth, and the State Fire Brigade School Würzburg.

Quantum Systems has also worked within Namibia’s Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve (KWR) to develop a monitoring tool for sustainable land use and biodiversity conservation in the semi-arid savanna. The project marks a significant step in conserving megafauna and promoting sustainable land use.

Overcoming challenges, like locating and observing animals non-invasively and operating in harsh environmental conditions, Quantum Systems has offered an impressive solution for wildlife monitoring and ecosystem conservation in the region. Dual-Use Product Suite The team’s multi-sensor platforms allow users to stream live aerial data, but also to capture RGB, multispectral, and LiDAR data, to cover a variety of use cases.

Utilising edge computing power on-board enhances the coordination of a network of drones and distributed task management. Building on the foundation of its existing product offerings, Quantum Systems envisages 3 steps in achieving their ultimate vision, making aerial intelligence readily available anytime and anywhere: +Establishing a range of electric hybrid-wing systems, tailored for various reconnaissance needs, including short-range, medium-range, and long-range applications, to address a wide spectrum of use cases. +Scaling their products with a deep vertical integration of their common technology and software stack. +Scaling a network of automated drone-ports that enable data on-demand.

We are thrilled to welcome Quantum Systems’ global world-class team. With nearly a decade of experience in drones, robotics, and imagery collection, Quantum Systems has a proven technology stack and an exceptional track record of building best-in-class sUAS systems that provide mission-critical data to operators.

Through its compelling synthesis of AI, hardware, and data fusion, Quantum Systems transforms business operations and enhances efficiency

By Claas Kohl, Orli Robin, and Taylor Sargent

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