Amber Wings

Amber Wings

With IIT Madras as its air base, Amber Wings is set to take-off!

In a sky full of drones, we’re here to declutter. Incepted in 2019, our team set out on a path to make flying ubiquitous. Aimed at redefining drone capabilities, we’ve developed a versatile aerial solution for long-range surveillance and deliveries.

Empowered by in-house AI, you now have increased accessibility at your fingertips.

A derivative of the Sanskrit word ‘Atvara’, Atva is here to offer you ‘freedom from haste’.  The world’s most compact electric drone with extraordinary long-range capability. Atva is here to redefine surveillance and deliveries, making it an indispensable commodity for a wide range of industries.

We’ve built one of the most astute drones that pairs speed, agility, and long-range sustainability to meet each of your surveillance and delivery needs. We value time – when each second can truly be life-altering, we speed up, so can slow down. Built in-house with utmost precision, Atva offers up to 10x faster flight times with unmatched battery life and multi-hop capabilities. With versatile payload options, it doesn’t get better than this.

It’s time to Drone Up!

Amber Wings