HEXADRONE Job Pack #2: YellowScan Lidar Mapping

We are happy to unveil the second video in our BUSINESS PACKS series!

In this video, the TUNDRA 2 is equipped with Voyager LiDAR YellowScan with the aim of carrying out a work proofing operation.

PYRAMID Special Worksx, is involved in the Teil bypass project, on the Chabassot Viaduct construction site. They called on The Yellow Planee to carry out this data acquisition mission.

Based in Montpellier, the YellowScan company offers a wide range of LiDAR solutions made in France for 3D mapping applications.

The Voyager is the brand’s most high-end product. This solution captures 2 million points per second and allows unrivaled penetration of vegetation thanks to the detection and processing of a maximum of 32 target echoes per laser pulse. 

L’Avion Jaune is also based in Montpellier. The company has been offering aerial mapping services by drone, ULM or plane for almost 20 years.

Its pilots operate all over the world, with a strong appetite for environmental, agricultural and even archeology missions.

Thank you all for the success of this great mission!

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