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UMS SKELDAR and Marshall Land Systems Introduce Revolutionary Re-Expandable and Re-Deployable Container Solution at DSEI

UMS SKELDAR, Europe’s leading provider of Rotary Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and Marshall Land Systems, a renowned provider of innovative military solutions, are delighted to announce their collaboration on a groundbreaking corporate agreement. Together, they have developed an exceptional re-expandable and re-deployable container solution for military operations, a game-changer in the market, providing unmatched capabilities not found in competitor offerings.

Unlike conventional containers, the newly unveiled solution is specifically designed to be re-deployed, offering unprecedented flexibility for military operations. This innovative container boasts a workshop area and a dedicated second space for an RPS (Remote Piloting Station) with Pre En (Preservation and Enhancement) capabilities, making it an all-in-one solution for dynamic field deployments. Once deployed, Marshall Land Systems’ expandable container will provide a highly mobile, deployable solution for UAS transport and storage, a maintenance and repair workshop and remote piloting station for two operators. The mobile and re-deployable solution ensures minimal logistical footprint for the end-user, even when transferring from naval to land domains.

The container has been ingeniously engineered to be transported on the reliable Mercedes Unimog truck and adheres to standard ISO container specifications. This compatibility allows for seamless transportation using multiple means, including air, land, road, or rail, ensuring easy accessibility to any location. The standardized containers are highly mobile and modular, offering flexible and rapid reconfiguration for deployment in extreme conditions, including environments with temperatures ranging from -32C to +49C as a baseline, with options available to extend to -51C to +55C if required.

One of the key highlights of this groundbreaking container is its hydraulic legs, enabling swift and stable deployment directly into the field. This feature ensures that operational teams can efficiently set up the container wherever it’s needed, without the challenges posed by uneven terrains.

Gary Moynehan, Managing Director of Marshall Land Systems, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership and the future of this remarkable container solution. “Marshall is honored to join hands with UMS SKELDAR in developing this unique and highly functional container. Our combined expertise has culminated in a game-changing product that will undoubtedly redefine military operations. This cutting-edge container solution holds immense significance for critical applications like border inspection in Central Eastern Europe, where real-time intelligence is of paramount importance. Its versatility and rapid deployment capabilities will greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of defense operations in the region.”

“We are thrilled to be part of this revolutionary endeavor, leveraging our strategic partnership with Saab to deliver a product that will set a new benchmark in the industry,” said Richard Hjelmberg, UMS SKELDAR’s VP of Business Development. “Upon full deployment, the container provides a well-designed layout, including ample storage space in the middle, a repair workshop on one side, and a ground control station or piloting station on the other. The re-expandable container is a testament to our dedication to innovation and our commitment to equipping armed forces with cutting-edge solutions.”

UMS SKELDAR and Marshall Land Systems will be showcasing the re-expandable container at the highly anticipated Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) event. Visitors to stand (number) will witness the innovative technology in action, with the SKELDAR V-200 UAS positioned above the container for a visually immersive experience.If you’d like to schedule time to speak with UMS SKELDAR and Mashall Land Systems at their stand, please contact Andy Parker on [email protected] or Isabel Pedreira on [email protected].


UMS SKELDAR, a joint venture between Saab and UMS AERO Group, is Europe’s leading provider of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) including the unmatched NATO-aligned rotary V-200 and the flexible high-performance V-150 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Capable of carrying a wide selection of sensors, UMS SKELDAR’s UAS provides solutions to a wide variety of defense, civil security, and maritime sectors globally. The company is headquartered near Basel in Switzerland, with twin manufacturing facilities in Switzerland (Möhlin) and Sweden (Linköping) and offers a comprehensive UAS solutions portfolio. UMS SKELDAR provides total solutions to customers across the globe, including development, manufacture, testing, training, consultancy, maintenance, and managed services.           

Find out more about UMS SKELDAR: http://umsskeldar.aero/.

About Marshall Land Systems

We are a leading manufacturing company dedicated to supporting humanitarian, defence and security forces wherever they are deployed. Project management, engineering, adaptability and delivering first class customer service are key to our success.

We have a proven track record of meeting Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs) in direct support of the UK’s defence forces. We have produced several thousand integrated land solutions not only for the world’s armed forces but also for non-military customers who need similar level of equipment availability and reliability.

Find out more about Marshall Land Systems: https://marshall-landsystems.com/about

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