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Russian BAS 80 loitering munition

The BAS 80 is a Russian-made loitering munition that is still under development. It is believed to be a copy of the American Switchblade 300 loitering munition.

The following are the reported specifications of the BAS 80:

  • Length: 1.2 meters
  • Wingspan: 1.5 meters
  • Weight: 5 kilograms
  • Payload: 500 grams (expandable to 2 kilograms)
  • Speed: 80 miles per hour (130 kilometres per hour)
  • Range: 30 kilometers
  • Endurance: 40 minutes
  • Guidance: FPV

The BAS 80 is launched from a tube and can be used for reconnaissance, surveillance, and strike missions. It is equipped with cameras and other sensors, allowing it to locate and track targets and strike with precision.

The BAS 80 is still under development and its specifications will change. Additionally, some of the reported specifications, such as its range and endurance, seem ambitious for a drone of its size and weight.

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