NICMAR University: New Session with a Vision for Industry-Academia Collaboration and Student Empowerment

NICMAR University, a premier institution renowned for its excellence in construction and project management education, sets the stage for a transformative academic year filled with visionary aspirations. Registrations are open for batch 2023 for exceptional UG and PG Programs in the areas of built environment and business management. At NICMAR, scholars’ training extends far beyond the boundaries of the classroom and curriculum. Also, with a commitment to preparing students for real-world challenges, NICMAR is dedicated to creating a dynamic learning environment that fosters innovation.  

Vision for 2023 

In the current age of evolving industry dynamics, NICMAR University stands at the forefront of academic associations with a vision of bridging the gap between academia and the industrial world. The institutions primarily focus on holistic development by equipping scholars with the knowledge, skills, and industry connections/exposure, paving the way for a transformative educational journey. The university fosters collaborative partnerships, creates employment opportunities for students and nurtures an entrepreneurial mindset among its students.  

NICMAR’s Key Initiatives 

Industry-Academia Collaborations 

Alliances between educational institutions and companies are opportunities for students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings. The university is actively collaborating with leaders, and innovators, nationally and internationally. NICMAR’s recent collaborations include the following: 

  • Cross-Country University Collaboration: NICMAR University has joined hands with the Daniels School of Business. University of Denver, USA, for five years with an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), committing to cultivating a prosperous academic. It brings benefits, such as faculty exchange for teaching, research and curriculum development. It is a trail for advancing academic excellence in both nations and experiencing diverse learning environments. Diverse educational approaches help to bring the best practices in curriculum development.
  • MoU signed with AmpliNxt: Recognising that entrepreneurship is the key to driving innovation and growth in the industry, the university has partnered with AmpliNxt and encourages new-age entrepreneurs to venture into the Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC). AmpliNxt provides incubation and acceleration services for startups and technocrats.
  • Collaborations with YelloSKYE: At the beginning of the year, the institution collaborated with YelloSKYE, a drone-based company specialising in advanced aerial intelligence solutions. This partnership aims to establish a Centre in Drone Technologies (CDT) in Pune to empower students with skills in drones and related technology effectively. YelloSKYE will also provide technical workshops and training programs on drone-based solutions to students, faculty, and industry professionals.
  • International Conferences

NICMAR actively works towards bringing visionary leaders and industry experts as guest speakers at various forums on campus. These sessions help scholars to get insights into the latest industry trends and best practices for sustainability. The institution enables students to acquire hands-on experience, industry perspectives, and valuable professional connections for professional growth.  

One of the flagship international conferences is the International Conference in Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Project Management (ICCRIP). Professionals, academics, research scholars, practitioners, and experts in the CRIP (construction, real estate, infrastructure and project management) sector are invited to bring their thoughts to students and faculties. Its seventh edition is scheduled on 11-12 August 2023.  

Distinguished Speakers at the event are  

    • Prof. Ar. Abhay Vinayak Purohit – President, Council of Architecture, India,
    • Professor Srinath Perera- Professor, Built Environment/Construction Management, Western Sydney University, Australia
    • Dr. Sarel Lavy a Professor, Department of Construction Science, School of Architecture, Texas A&M University, USA,
    • Francis Verstraete – CEO at, Belgium,
    • Mr. Ramamoorthy Rajendran – Director of Digital Build Pvt Ltd, Singapore, Ex-Director, Building and Construction Authority, Singapore
    • Dr. Komali Yenneti- Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Wolverhampton, UK
    • Prof. (Dr.) Bhola Ram Gurjar- Director National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
    • Mr. V T Chandra Shekhar Rao- Vice President and Dean – Larsen & Toubro Institute of Project Management, India
    • And many more dignitaries and delegates from across India and globe
  • Women in Construction Forum

Recognising the significance of gender diversity, the institution aims at fostering an environment of opportunities for each student to contribute to the industry growth. Women are already celebrating success in the CRIP industry. To encourage more inclusion of women in the industry, the institution strives to create a welcoming environment for them. Its recent initiative to foster gender diversity is the Women in Construction Forum (WIC Forum) – a community-based platform designed to empower women and highlight their contributions to the industry. Such forums can help women to spread awareness of disparities and promote equality rights, practices, and policies in the CRIP sector.  

  • Open Door Policy

The faculty at NICMAR University follows the approach of an open-door policy with students. It encourages them to freely express their innovative ideas and collaborate with faculties for research or project initiatives. NICMAR creates a supportive educational ecosystem for personal growth, effective communication, and mentorship. By creating a bridge between students and faculty, the institution empowers students to make the most of their educational journey with a sense of belonging.  

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Development

NICMAR fosters an entrepreneurial spirit among its scholars. It provides necessary resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to encourage students to work on their innovative ideas. It keeps engaged in developing new programs for Construction, Engineering and Management fields based on industry trends. 

With the commencement of the new session, NICMAR University is committed to bridging the gap between theory and practise. The university provides a range of comprehensive programs, resources, and support systems. Overall efforts turn into a dynamic platform that helps students gain deep insights into ways to prioritise sustainable construction methodologies, adopt efficient building techniques, incorporate energy-conserving systems, utilise renewable energy resources and more practical knowledge. While getting hands-on training, thanks to various partnerships with corporate houses, they can establish meaningful connections via forums or events. Overall, NICMAR’s commitment creates transformational leaders posing a distinct vision to shape the industry’s tomorrow.  

About NICMAR University  

As India’s most progressive Built Environment University, NICMAR, is synonymous with discovery, knowledge, and innovation of the highest order. Since its inception in 1983, NICMAR has been diligently pursuing its mission to advance education, refine skills, and provide unparalleled training in the built environment domain as a distinguished society and public trust, steered by esteemed academicians and industry leaders.

NICMAR leads the way in cultivating and fostering the future leaders in multidisciplinary domains of sustainable energy, architecture, infrastructure, construction, real estate, project, and business management with a comprehensive range of niche undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. With an unwavering commitment to producing industry-ready graduates, NICMAR is poised to empower the built environment sector with the next generation of forward-thinking and visionary youth.

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