ITE partners with Pyka

ITE partners with Pyka

ITE continues to identify and support solutions that address the Energy Transition across the transportation sector.

We are pleased to partner with Pyka, with an eye toward a fleet of its electric and autonomous aircraft that service the domestic and international agriculture and shipping markets.

For the last decade, our focus has been unwavering –  pursue opportunities in critical industrial transportation assets on long-term lease contracts that generate stable, recurring cash flow for investors. 

Our domain expertise provides for proprietary sourcing across transportation and infrastructure assets. As many companies in the transport sector increasingly adopt energy-efficient technologies that seek to reduce the carbon footprint, ITE has had a dedicated interest to identify leaders in the Energy Transition that create opportunities matching our real asset focus.


Founded in 2017 out of Oakland, CA, Pyka creates proprietary technologies that are focused on electric aviation and autonomous aircraft for industrial sectors, such as commercial agricultural crop spraying and cargo transport. 

Pyka’s target assets and target markets overlap with ITE’s focus and breadth. ITE is pleased to partner with Pkya with an eye toward a fleet of its electric and autonomous aircraft as it services the domestic and international agriculture and shipping markets. 


Pyka Spray combines best-in-class spray precision and chemical drift reduction technologies to provide safe, clean, and cost-effective crop protection at scale. Pyka’s technologies eliminate the usage of fossil fuels, thus reducing operating costs for farmers and providing substantial environmental benefits which include a reduction of chemical usage and enabling round-the-clock spray capabilities through automation.

Pyka is in production with the Pyka Spray line and has already completed several successful trials and has letter-on-intent customer leasing agreements to begin operations.


Pelican Cargo is a 100% electric cargo aircraft for the last-mile air cargo transportation sector. Autonomous and electric, Pelican Cargo is a zero-emission solution designed to create both speed advantage and cost-savings compared to conventional air cargo transportation. The Pelican Cargo platform is designed to enhance express logistics networks, enable connectivity of remote rural communities, and ensures fast and reliable access to vital goods and supplies for areas in need.

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