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Get ready for Swarm Drone Challenge 2024

The startup incubator brigkAIR and the defense tech company MBDA Germany are looking for participants aged 18 and older for a highly remunerated competition in the field of drone technology and machine learning. Participants can win up to €50,000 in prize money.

What is the Swarm Drone Challenge?

An evolution of the 2021 Deep Drone Challenge, the upcoming 2024 Swarm Drone Challenge will push the boundaries of drone technology as international teams present their creative and innovative algorithms. The focus on swarms opens new horizons for the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In the SDC 2024, participants develop solutions in which drones cooperate in a swarm and solve tasks together in competition. The SDC 2024 is not only a stage for the competition, but also a platform for the exchange of ideas and techniques. As drones are increasingly used in a variety of areas, such as industrial inspection, surveying, emergency response and delivery, there is a growing demand for the development of innovative software solutions for the automation and improvement of such missions. The Swarm Drone Challenge is a drone competition that is intended to accelerate the development of such drone applications and enable new approaches. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for enthusiasts, startups and students from diverse backgrounds, such as aviation, artificial intelligence and robotics, to solve different problems in interdisciplinary teams – anyone from an age of 18 and onwards can participate. To participate in the Swarm Drone Challenge, please apply alone or with a team of up to 5 people by September 29th, 2023What’s the next step?

After selecting the final participants, the challenge will be carried out in two events (Qualifying and Final) and involve tasks related to the private use of drones.

For the challenge itself, participants preferably can bring, build and develop their own drone prototype to fulfill the tasks. But we will also provide limited drone platforms if requested. As of now, participants can start to create their prototype at home or later on on-site with access to the provided platforms. The best-performing team has the chance to win the competition.

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