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Russia’s Albatros recon drones ferret out enemy strongholds in Ukraine operation

Fifty new Albatros M5 long-range reconnaissance drones help Russian forces ferret out and destroy enemy strongholds in the special military operation in Ukraine, a representative of Albatros, the drone developer, told TASS on Friday.

On June 20, the Russian Defense Ministry uploaded a video showing paratroopers using Albatros drones in the special military operation in Ukraine. An Albatros drone helped a Russian squad detect Ukrainian military hardware and transmit target coordinates to an artillery command post.

“Presently, 50 Albatros M5 systems are being employed in the zone of the special military operation. The system helps track the movement of a motor vehicle or any other equipment in the special military operation area. A video transmitted in real time reveals the pattern and the placement point of an enemy stronghold. The stronghold is then placed under control to make sure that the data gathered is correct. Following this, its coordinates and location are determined and these data are transmitted to Russian forces,” the company’s representative said.

After the data obtained by an Albatros drone are processed, Russian forces can make a decision on delivering a strike, he said.

“In this case, an Albatros M5 is used to provide guidance, adjust the strike and record the destruction of the enemy stronghold,” he said.

The Albatros new flying-wing drone boasts a broad range of capabilities, including the capability of gathering data on the location of enemy air defenses. The Albatros M5 transmits data to a ground post in real time, relays communications, directs aircraft and artillery at ground targets, carries out observation and monitoring, obtains reconnaissance data and provides them to Russian armed forces, controls fire and provides target acquisition. By drawing the fire on itself, the system obtains data for Russian forces on the location of enemy air defenses in the zone of the special military operation, the company explained.

The Albatros new reconnaissance drone is highly protected against enemy electronic warfare, the company’s representative said.

“It features a jam-resistant communications channel that is hard to suppress. In addition, the Albatros M5 is outfitted with a satellite communications receiver capable of operating under jamming. Its simple design enables even crews with little training to operate it in severe weather conditions,” he said.

Drone configuration

The Albatross M5 reconnaissance drone has a wing span of 3.3 meters and can operate for 4,5 hours. Flight preparations take no more than 10 minutes.

“The system can be transported in a car or carried by one person. The Albatros M5 design allows for its repair in field conditions,” the company said.

The drone can operate at a maximum altitude of 5 km and at a range of 300 km. It can brave temperatures ranging from minus 30 to plus 50 degrees Celsius, it said.

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