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Get your drone compliant with US and EU rules with Dronetag Remote ID solutions, available now at Aeromao!

Flying with an older drone that is not compliant with the new regulations? No worries. Dronetag offers small IoT devices that you can easily attach to any drone model.

Install the Dronetag App to manage all your devices, check airspace zones, plan your flights, browse real-time data, inspect other airborne drones and stay notified about any hazards around you. All are compliant with US & EU rules.

Professional and hobby pilots, as well as drone manufacturers and authorities, are all thrilled with the unlimited options that bring Dronetag RID devices.

Dronetag Mini

The ultimate Remote ID add-on device attachable to any drone

  • 32 grams
  • EU & US Standards
  • Network & Direct RID

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Dronetag Beacon

The bare minimum for Direct/Broadcast RID in the tiniest and lightest package

  • 16 grams
  • Up to 3km range
  • 16 hr Battery life

What is Remote ID and how to stay compliant?
Remote ID is a system that allows drones to transmit identification and location information. This information can be received by other airspace participants, including authorities, pilots and the general public.

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Check this website to answer your questions: https://drone-remote-id.com/

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