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UK CAP 2538 – Considerations for Aerodromes and Vertiports planning to operate Vertical Take-off and landing Aircraft (VTOL)

As part of our Advanced Air Mobility Challenge, the CAA is in the process of determining the required technical and operational requirements to:

  • enable current licensed aerodromes to accommodate VTOL aircraft, and
  • enable bespoke ‘vertiports’ to operate VTOL aircraft

We have conducted a gap analysis between existing UK regulations for licensed aerodromes and heliports, and vertiport guidance published by other bodies such as EASA, the FAA, and ICAO Annex 14 Volume II. Along with other considerations and industry feedback, this gap analysis will be used
to determine the most appropriate standards to safely accommodate VTOL aircraft in the UK. These detailed specifications will be drafted and consulted on using our standard rulemaking process.

This document is intended to serve as interim guidance to various stakeholders on what aspects they should begin to consider, and the other organisations they should initiate discussions with, to operate VTOL aircraft from existing aerodromes or bespoke vertiport facilities. It does not contain detailed specifications for infrastructure or operational requirements, but will hopefully allow industry, government, landowners, aerodromes, and the CAA to lay the groundwork in advance of the technical requirements being published in late 2024.

Section A of this document provides a general overview of the initial stages of the aerodrome licensing process.

Section B of this document contains other considerations for aerodrome licensing for VTOL operations. It is divided into roles and responsibilities that the CAA, Local Government, VTOL Operators and OEMs or Aerodromes/Vertiports need to consider.

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