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Dronedek Rebrands to Arrive

Dronedek, the pioneer of smart Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions for autonomous delivery networks (ADNs), has rebranded to Arrive.

“Arrive is the only smart, secure and agnostic ADN mailbox infrastructure and platform that supports frictionless deliveries and pickups between people, robots and drones,” said Arrive CEO Dan O’Toole. “It enables businesses to provide continuous, asynchronous, multi-modal deliveries and pickups across their networks while securing their position at the forefront of autonomous and artificial intelligence (AI) powered logistics.”

Arrive COO Mark Hamm said the rebranding dovetails perfectly with the company’s latest advances and its support for robotic and drone ADNs.

“The market is moving beyond deliveries and thinking about autonomous pickup and multi-modal networks,” Hamm said. “Arrive is the world’s first MaaS infrastructure and platform for ADNs. It’s the final piece of the autonomous logistics puzzle.”

Hamm said customers will be able to seamlessly scale their ADNs with Arrive, thereby maximizing returns and enabling smarter business decisions.

The Arrive crew will celebrate National Tech Day (May 11) by showcasing its new branding, as well as:

  • Discussing the company’s focus on a healthcare and medical operations vertical and its talks with healthcare industry leaders and innovators working to develop ADNs to provide safer, cheaper and more expedient ways to move everything from surgery kits and custom treatments to human tissue samples for better patient outcomes and more efficient operations.
  • Demonstrating precision winch and tether deliveries to a Gen-2 Arrive smart mailbox (Arrive Point) as well as Arrive’s other solutions models:
    • Arrive Point – a tri-modal cross-dock that enables frictionless pickup and delivery of packages in ADNs between people, robots and drones.
    • Arrive Bank – several Arrive points working together for commercial or multiple-home dwelling use
    • Arrive Convey – delivery and pickup from an Arrive Point into and from a building using an integrated conveyor, which is useful for higher-volume medical operations, labs and hospitals, warehouses and fast-food restaurants
    • Arrive Carousel – larger capacity delivery and pickup from an Arrive Point into and from a “Package Tower” with carousel enabling packages to be repositioned internally for optimal and secure pickup and delivery

About Arrive

Arrive (formerly Dronedek) is a game-changing logistics company revolutionizing the industry with its innovative Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) and tri-modal cross-docking solutions. Led by serial entrepreneur and patent-holder Dan O’Toole, Arrive is the first company to address the last-mile delivery and pickup needs of a future enabled by drone and robotic autonomous delivery networks. Arrive’s technology enables seamless movement of packages between people, robots and drones, while providing round-the-clock access to a safe, secure and climate-assisted environment. The company has raised more than $8.5 million from more than 4,700 investors. Arrive has also forged strategic partnerships with major players in its MaaS ecosystem, such as Hush Aerospace and Helium network provider. See videos at The Next Generation Mailbox and New Arrive Smarter Smart Mailbox. Learn more at

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