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Sphere Drones launches free Australian Flight Advisory powered by Curo

Sphere Drones is excited to announce the launch of its free Flight Advisory powered by Curo. Flight Advisory powered by Curo gives users the ability to safely plan aerial drone operations with access to numerous airspace data sources for improved situational awareness.

Curo, the platform powering Sphere Drone’s Flight Advisory is a CASA-verified drone safety app and is free for all users.

Data suited to operations

Sphere Drones’ Flight Advisory powered by Curo gives users the ability to choose between three operation types, ensuring access to the most relevant data for the current operation. These types are:

  • ReOC
  • Excluded
  • RPA Recreational

Additionally, the maximum altitude, date, and time of the planned operation can be entered in to supply even more exact data. The timezone and daylight hours are also displayed, allowing users to check Civil Twilight begin and end directly in the flight advisory.

Once an operation type, date and time have been selected, users select an operational area using one of three ways. By selecting a point on the map, drawing a freeform shape, or drawing a circle with an adjustable radius.

Readily available airspace data

Once an operational area has been selected, Sphere Drones’ Flight Advisory powered by Curo displays data from a number of external data sources for improved airspace awareness, with the following static data:

  • Airspaces
  • Controlled Aerodromes
  • Uncontrolled Aerodromes
  • Heliports
  • Marine Parks
  • Power Lines

Live data from a number of partners is also displayed, including active NOTAMs, live incidents such as fires and other emergency responses, and timed advisories for current events, such as Melbourne Cup.

Sphere Drones Flight Advisory powered by Curo can be accessed now via the following link: https://spheredrones.com.au/pages/flight-advisory

About Sphere Drones

Proudly Australian-owned and an operating entity since 1954, Sphere Drones carries and supplies the world’s best airborne, landborne, and waterborne drone brands and accessories. Sphere specialises in providing end-to-end system solutions that create outcomes that not only work but give our clients a cost-effective and competitive edge. Sphere Drones currently have offices in NSW & WA with impending expansion around Australia. For more information, visit https://spheredrones.com.au.

About Curo

Curo is a cutting-edge software platform powering Australia’s largest airborne, landborne, and waterborne roving technology fleets. Curo gives its users the ability to plan operations, ensure compliance through procedures and checklists, manage assets, and create support cases. Chief remote pilots are able to manage pilots within an organisation and ensure ability. Curo’s Flight Advisory is a CASA-verified drone safety app. For more information, visit https://welcome.curouav.com.

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