DPI Systems DP-14 fast, agile aerial resupply, 430 Lbs useful load VTOL

The DPI DP-14 is a multi-mission unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed for precision aerial resupply. The DP-14’s advanced tandem design enables class-leading cargo carrying capacity, range, and endurance while minimizing footprint. The system can carry 200+ lbs. payloads beyond 81 miles and sprint to speeds up to 105 kt.

DP-14: Key Capabilities

  • Useful weight: 430 lbs
  • 23 Cubic foot internal cargo area
  • No runway or recovery equipment required
  • Self-launch and self-recover in unprepared sites
  • Extend range: Vary fuel versus payload to optimize range and endurance for each mission
  • Fast and agile: Speed up to 105 kts.
  • Crosswinds 40 knots
  • All-terrain landing gear for uneven ground, slopes to 15 degrees, and heaving pitching rolling ships
  • Fits in a 20 ft shipping container, work van or utility trailer

DP-14: Features

  • Simple, two-person operation. Setup and fly within 15 minutes.
  • Automatic waypoint navigation
  • User-defined lost-link protocols
  • Detailed aircraft status information
  • Transfer control to a remote operator for on-scene control

Internal and External Payload

The DP-14 is a modular tandem helicopter, with a wide center of gravity envelope. With the DP-14, you can configure it to optimize your payloads for your specific applications.

Payload – The DP-14 is designed to carry 430 lbs useful load

Operators can increase range by trading payload for fuel.

Autonomous Cargo Drops

A tandem UAV, the DP-14 has a stable hover and can operate in gusting winds to 40 kts. The also has 1 ms autopilot cycling and rapid pitch correction during autonomous cargo offloading. These capabilities allow for precision cargo drops with accuracy better than 3 meters, in real-world flight conditions.

Takeoff, Landing, and Unloading

Take-Off / Lift. The classic tandem design of the DP-14 requires 24% less power than single-rotor helicopters during hover since all power generated is devoted to lift.

Small Landing Site Size. The DP-14 has a smaller footprint than today’s comparable resupply UAVs, so its landing site can also be smaller. This enables more options for landing and offloading in challenging terrain.

Autonomous Take-Off / Landing. The DP-14 uses IMU and GPS, not visual cues, for takeoff and landing, and an ultrasonic sensor as a rangefinder to determine the height from the ground during landing. These sensors allow for landing even in brownouts and degraded visual environments (DVE).

Rotors can be installed or removed in about 5 minutes.
Rotors can be installed or removed in under 5 minutes.

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