Featured Multirotor

I wonder if they say big AF200 in the office?

What a machine! Regulators must have to put their thinking caps on straight when considering this for certification.

The AF200 Flying Crane is aimed at lifting and shifting goods in the wind industry, a very specific role.

Airflight will provide pilot training. It is now on my watch list that’s for certain.

The AF200 Flying Crane, Airflight will revolutionize the wind industry. Performing heavy-lift hoisting operations does not need to compromise economic or environmental sustainability. On the contrary, this completely electric flying crane offers efficient transportation and operation with fast set-up and take-down in both onshore and offshore environments. To assist its pilot, the AF200 is equipped with automatic take-off and landing features, pre-programmable flight paths, and sophisticated collision avoidance systems – among other autonomous features. The AF200 is the most precise Flying Crane available due to its autonomous flight capabilities along with Airflight’s proprietary pick-and-place payload system.

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