Drone experts donate data to rescue efforts in California

Several weeks of storms have caused significant damage across California, with mudslides and flooding resulting in at least 19 dead and widespread damage to infrastructure. Drone experts at GLOBHE have activated drone operators in the region, capturing critical data in most affected areas and making it accessible to all the authorities, NGOs, and volunteers who now scramble to assist.

The donated high-quality drone data will be available to all entities working to support the region, easily accessible through the Humanitarian Data Exchange

“Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the storms and all those who work hard to rescue, repair, and rebuild across the affected areas,” says Napoleon Bergström, COO at GLOBHE.

As a global leader in connecting local drone operators with organizations in need of accurate drone data, GLOBHE works together with leading organizations to prevent and respond to natural disasters, often in hard-to-access areas across the world.

“Access to high-quality imaging can give critical data on damage to housing, infrastructure, and nature, and make it easier to make the right decisions and help those affected,” says Napoleon Bergström, COO at GLOBHE. “That is why our team will work hard to provide this data.”

From the 25th of January, the data of affected areas in California will be freely available here: https://data.humdata.org/organization/globhe


GLOBHE is leading organizations to make better decisions through drone data. Through a single platform, the company offers organizations accurate and actionable drone data from anywhere in the world. GLOBHE’s platform is a leading curated marketplace connecting local drone operators with organizations with the need for drone data of the highest quality. By creating the sharpest view of reality, Globhe enriches our communities and impacts our planet. 

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