T-MOTOR-The New Generation of Arm Set X Series Debut

T-MOTOR-The New Generation of Arm Set X Series Debut

How to mount the motor on a drone arm simply and quickly? Our R&D team has been working to create a solution for users.

The T-MOTOR Arm Set X series is excellent and it works. Moreover, XU8 is integrated with an ESC which is internally mounted.


After several market surveys and development verification, we made a decision on the Quick-Attach Detach configuration as the final design.

The motor mount and the motor can be separated by simply unscrewing the four connecting screws.
ent verification

XU8 is also suitable for single and coaxial arm set.

XU8 heat dissipation is improved a lot because of the three heat dissipation slots (two slots before) on the motor cover.

Please check the Temperature Rise Chart.

The Red one is XU8. As you can see, the temperature is decreased by 30 degrees around. Pls kindly noted the test was under 100% throttle for 10 mins, so the temperature is around 200 degrees.

Meanwhile, to make the arm set motors’ service life longer, the aluminium bearing is replaced by a steel shaft, which has high strength, and good wear resistance.

There is another point of improvement that we use the hall sensor in LED light to replace infrared sensor. In the one past years, the “light change risk” caused by false touch or misoperation because of high sensitive infrared ray.

From the user’s point of view, error-free operation is the first step to bringing a comfortable flight experience.

As an old propulsion brand, T-MOTOR belief is to allow users to use a safe and convenient drone propulsion system.

T- About T-MOTOR:

T-MOTOR is a professional manufacturer with its cutting-edge technology and devoted themself to UAV propulsion systems for over 13 years. T-MOTOR commits to bring the safer propulsion system and the product line includes 100W-28KW BLDC motor with the compatible ESC and problem with the core technology to provide higher efficiency product a lot than market.

With the huge needs, T-MOTOR received many certificates including CE, FCC, ROHS, 3C, KC from Korea. T-MOTOR has cooperated with almost 75%

UAV companies around the world including commercial industry, government, military and research centers etc. T-MOTOR propulsion system can be applied for a very wide range including cargo delivery, medical transportation, industrial inspection, military, agriculture and filming etc.

For cooperation or customization needs, please contact us
Email: info@tmotor.com
Phone: 15070853230

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