Perceptual Robotics graduates from award-winning start-up accelerator

Perceptual Robotics graduates from award-winning start-up accelerator

An intelligent automation and inspection solutions company has secured additional funding after completing an award-winning start-up programme.

Perceptual Robotics, which has bases in the UK and Europe, showcased their Dhalion system to more than 100 venture capitalists and key industry guests at Deeptech Labs on December 7th.

CEO Kostas Karachalios and Chief Operating Officer Dimitris Nikolaidis, pitched their inspection and maintenance solution to the in-person and online audience, which included around 175 attendees with more than $130 billion under management. The expert insight will assist Perceptual Robotics with their plans to move beyond the wind industry to other renewables markets.

Kostas Karachalios, CEO of Perceptual Robotics, said: “Perceptual Robotics received an amazing welcome from Deeptech Labs and the investors were very keen to hear more about our Dhalion system. Each expert was completely focused on our success to ensure we take our inspection and maintenance solution to new clients and markets. The valuable insights we have gained from the industry leaders has undoubtedly prepared us for the next stage of scaling our business and will allow us to deliver our game-changing inspection solutions to a wider audience.” 

Deeptech Labs is a ground-breaking accelerator programme that supports technology start-ups who are solving a substantial scientific or engineering challenge. As part of the programme, Deeptech Labs offers multiple workshops such as sales and business development, analysing what makes a high-performance organisation and understanding how businesses can stand out.  They also offered Perceptual Robotics invaluable insight and expertise about how to develop their forward-thinking product for the wind industry and beyond. 

Perceptual Robotics was selected as one of just five companies from thousands of applicants, and during the three-month programme has also enjoyed invaluable practical and deployable advice from a network of fellows, expert speakers, entrepreneurs and advisors. 

Utilising drones, Perceptual Robotics is offering vital solutions to the renewables’ industry by collecting high-quality data from wind turbines in less than 15 minutes and seamlessly analysing the data with state-of-the-art AI data processing. Perceptual Robotics’ Dhalion solution increases safety during inspections by utilising drones and AI, as well as increasing cost-effectiveness and dramatically reducing turbine downtime for wind farm operators. With this latest funding, Perceptual Robotics has plans to move into other markets.

Miles Kirby, CEO of Deeptech Labs, said: “There is an urgent need to develop and invest in the next generation of deeptech companies whose solutions address the fundamental issues that we face as a society today.

“Perceptual Robotics has a unique and powerful technological solution that supports the renewable industry world-wide. Thanks to our deeptech-specific accelerator programme – the only deeptech-specific accelerator in Europe – our cohort companies are stronger, more resilient and more ambitious in their commercialisation.

“Deeptech Labs is delighted to invest and support Perceptual Robotics which will ensure their growth across multiple sectors in Europe and beyond.”