New EU Drone Strategy 2.0: Five Key Takeaways

The EU Commission has adopted a new strategy for drones to support the use of drones in Europe. GLOBHE, a global crowddroning platform with more than 6300 local drone operators, now highlights the critical areas of the new strategy and comments on how it can influence the future of the European drone market.

”The new strategy is confirmation that the things we do are essential and can make a critical difference,” says Helena Samsioe, CEO and founder of GLOBHE. ”This strategy creates a gold standard which will make it easier for the industry to scale and grow. It will make a difference in Europe but also attract other parts of the world to come together in a global framework like we see for commercial aviation.” 

The drone experts at fast-growing GLOBE see significant potential with the new strategy. The company, which has a presence in 128 countries and focuses on supporting organizations and companies to collect drone data, believes that the strategy will lead to increased growth and more secure usage.

Five key takeaways from the new drone strategy

1.     Dedicated air space

The new drone strategy highlights the possibility of drones getting a dedicated air space in Europe.

Getting an exclusive vertical layer in the air for drones would be a world first and create a good foundation for the safe usage of drones in the region.

2.     Large potential

In the new strategy, the EU commission predicts that the European drone market could

be valued at 14.5 billion euros and create 145 000 jobs by 2030. This projection demonstrates the wide usage and application of drones, for example, preventing natural disasters or making infrastructure inspections more effective.

3.     3. Many uses

The EU Commission also highlights the many potential uses for commercial drones, mentioning everything from mapping and surveillance of infrastructure to innovative air mobility services.

4.     4. The sustainable choice

The commission also emphasizes how drone services can play a critical role in phasing out fossil fuel and be connected to existing transport systems.

5.     5. Global role model

The new drone strategy makes Europe a global role model and will likely inspire other regions worldwide.

”For a long time, the focus has been on technology, and to some extent bans, when it comes to drones, but the new strategy shows how drones could be an enabler for critical tasks, and this is something that is at the heart of what we do at Globhe. Every day we see how data from the drones in our platform makes a difference worldwide – from preventing deforestation to ensuring quality in infrastructure and preventing malaria,” says Helena Samsioe at Globhe.


GLOBHE is a Stockholm-based startup that taps into drones globally through their crowd of local drone operators collecting high-resolution data, which helps businesses, organizations, and researchers understand the world and take action.