Advanced Mobility Ecosystem Consortium (AMEC) Market Segmentation for Future eVTOL Services

The Air Mobility Ecosystem Consortium (AMEC) is aiming to demonstrate the commercial and operational viability of Advance Aerial Mobility (AAM) in the UK. This is an efficient, electric model of aerial transport complementary to existing transport infrastructure, helping to deliver both increased connectivity and net zero emission targets. In doing so the project will deliver cost-effective and convenient inter-regional and intra-regional travel to the British public.

A previous phase of the Future Flight Challenge identified four potential use cases for eVTOL aircraft:

1. Short Hop Business or Leisure Trip
2. Inter-city/Inter-airport Business Trip
3. Leisure Trip (to a Tourist Area or Inter-airport)
4. Tourist trip (Sightseeing)

We would like to procure an organisation to undertake research and analysis to produce:

A. A detailed segmentation for future users of eVTOL services with a propensity to use the future service:
a. Consideration should be given to likely timescales for these (e.g. next 5 years, 10+ years)
b. Future Users may be businesses or individual travellers – both should be considered
c. An understanding of the service requirements for each segment that would provide value
d. Description of each segment aligned to the likely journeys they would take (use cases)
e. The underlying drivers and motivations for each segment to use the new technology and service
B. Based on future trends analysis, identify, and describe passenger journeys for the future eVTOL technology aligned to the segmentation (consumer and business users).

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