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FlyBy Guys joins the Dronisos Certified Operator Club

Dronisos is proud to share its know-how and passion for Drone Light Shows with Flyby Guys.
Flyby Guys is officially a certified operator of the Dronisos drone show system. This was achieved after a
week of rigorous training and collaboration at Dronisos’ headquarters in Bordeaux, France.

The Flyby Guys team have been certified to operate Dronisos’ future recurring/permanent drone shows

Dronisos and Flyby Guys are delighted to join hands, facilitating global operations of Dronisos drone

Dronisos CEO, Laurent Perchais:

“With FlyBy Guys joining our Certified Operator Club, we feel strengthened and confident to fulfil the
booming demand for our Drone Light Shows the world over. We have witnessed the professionalism with
which they operate in bringing drone shows throughout the world. At Dronisos, we believe that you need
to think collectively to make a big impact. Welcome to the club, Flyby Guys!”
Flyby Guys CEO: Stephen Sutton

“We are thrilled to join the Dronisos Certified Operator Club and work alongside a fantastic talented team.
Our aim is to deliver shows around the world, thrill audiences and give them memories they will never

About Dronisos:

Dronisos is a drone entertainment company specialising in the creation of indoor and outdoor shows using autonomous drones. With its headquarters in Bordeaux, France, Dronisos has regional offices in
Orlando, USA, Bangalore, India, Dubai, UAE and London, UK. Since its inception in 2016, Dronisos has
performed over 50,000 drone flights in over 25 countries around the world.

The company provides drone entertainment at major events and theme parks around the world. Currently
operating daily drone shows at theme parks in Europe and the USA, Dronisos installations can also be
found in museums, circuses, musicals and cruise ships worldwide.

Website: https://www.dronisos.com/

Address: 11 rue Yvonne et Robert Noutary, 33130 Bordeaux, France
Telephone: +33 5 57 67 25 64
Contact: Fabrice N’Kom / [email protected]

About Flyby Guys:

Fly-by Guys provide thought leadership, working with regulators as well as private organisations.
Operationally, Fly-by Guys focus on augmenting fleet operations on-target delivery execution and
mission-critical project services to the UAV industry internationally.
With headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and subsidiaries in Dubai and Vienna, Flyby Guys have been
providing drone light shows for various operators in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Website: https://www.flybyguys.com/

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