BATT and INVOLI partner to optimize Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) operations and improve safety

The joint solution provides landing site process automation and situational awareness services with automated voice readback assistance to pilots and operators

October 2022, BATT and INVOLI are pleased to announce a collaboration to optimize HEMS operations and improve pilots’ safety. The collaboration combines BATT expertise in system integration and heliport design with INVOLI’s air traffic surveillance system to provide air risk mitigation and operation automation services to HEMS operators around the world.

INVOLI’s surveillance system is an end-to-end solution encompassing INVOLI G-1090 air traffic receivers (detecting transponder and FLARM signals), INVOLI traffic information server, situation display and INVOLI stream API. This allows operations managers to benefit from an affordable, yet highly reliable ground-based surveillance network that generates the data needed to enable safety-critical services. From situational awareness to air risk mitigation, the solution is also used to automate operational processes.

BATT Suisse’s BATTCon control system is a universal and scalable platform for (small) Aerodromes, Heliports, and Vertiports, either as local or as cloud-based systems. It provides the control and monitoring of all “Airport” related functionality (Lighting, Sewage Water, De-Icing, Alerting, Weather, Occupation, automated Ground-Air communication, Interface to Building Management Systems and Master Control Systems) to provide and enhance operational safety, situational awareness, availability and turn-around times.

This combination of skills and technology will enable HEMS operators to improve turnaround time and pilots’ safety to maximize responsiveness with minimum workload, cost and environmental impact, through:
● Monitoring of landing site occupation
● Coordination of multi-site operations
● Situational awareness in uncontrolled airspace
● Automated site status information readbacks to pilots
● Conflict detection and resolution
● Site preparation automation such as:
○ Lighting
○ De-icing
○ Building related systems (Elevators, Alerts, Sewage water treatment)

“Due to the high cost of traditional equipment (Radar and ADS-B), there is a lack of accurate air traffic surveillance data for operations outside controlled areas. Especially now that the volume of HEMS, air ambulance, and Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operations is increasing, we are witnessing the growing safety risks for aircraft pilots and rotors. Thanks to INVOLI, we are now able to leverage surveillance data to address the “Golden Hour of Shock” through process automation and to increase pilots’ safety” said Björn Abel, Chief Executive Officer of BATT Suisse.

“HEMS are an integrated part of the healthcare system. Time is of essence when rescuing injured people from accidents and an appropriate traffic awareness system helps reduce HEMS operational time while increasing its safety. We are glad to collaborate with BATT to address the optimisation of use and availability of air ambulance operations. The deployment of INVOLI’s surveillance solution not only addresses today’s needs but will enable the safe integration of new aerial vehicles such as drones, which are more and more used jointly with helicopters for medical delivery and emergency services” said Olivier Quero, Chief Business Officer of INVOLI.

BATT will be showcasing the solution at the European Rotors 2022 show in Cologne from November 8th to 10th 2022 (Hall K_H8 / 1049)

About BATT:

BATT Suisse GmbH is an innovative Suisse planning, consulting, and engineering company for Aerodrome, Heli- and Vertiport systems. The focus is on the planning, development, and implementation of essential and scalable solutions to enhance the landing site infrastructure in regard to safety, situational awareness, and availability. Since 2013 BATT has designed and equipped 100+ heliports in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Europe, and worldwide with lighting and control systems. BATT’s DNA is a synergy of Aviation, IT, Engineering and Human Perception competence, to provide pragmatic, holistic and user-centric solutions.
BATT Suisse is a member of the Suisse Aerospace Cluster, Swiss Helicopter Association, and the Innovation Park Zurich.

For more information visit:
Contact BATT Suisse GmbH: [email protected]

INVOLI is a leading provider of low-altitude air traffic detection and multilateration systems. With a mission to create a digital copy of the sky, containing all flying objects, especially at low altitude, INVOLI’s system increases the safety and efficiency of all operations, in a legal and affordable way. INVOLI presents a paradigm shift in providing the currently missing air traffic surveillance data to drones and other airspace users in uncontrolled areas: only by knowing where air traffic may come from, one can avoid it. INVOLI’s system is a combination of hardware and software components that provides reliable, accurate and accessible low-altitude air traffic data to perform quantitative air risk assessment, provide surveillance safety services or automate operational processes

INVOLI’s system is used worldwide for situation awareness of BVLOS drone flights and for detection of air traffic for critical infrastructure. Hundreds of INVOLI’s receivers have been installed in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. INVOLI is an ISO9001 company. It is part of the Swiss U-Space Implementation (SUSI), a nationwide collaborative effort for safely integrating drones into airspace.

To learn more about INVOLI visit:
Contact INVOLI: [email protected]

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