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Mourning and funeral of Her Majesty The Queen: Airspace restrictions

We wanted to let you know that following the death of Her Majesty The Queen a series of airspace restrictions have been put in place to cover events until the evening of 19 September. These affect all airspace users including drone flying.

Details of the central London restriction until the morning of 19 September have been published as a briefing sheet

This will be followed later this week by a separate NOTAM to cover central London and Windsor for the rest of 19 September. We will publish available links to information on the restrictions at https://airspacesafety.com/home/mourning-and-funeral-of-her-majesty-the-queen/

Any non-standard flight (NSF) or enhanced non-standard flight (ENSF) clearances within the London restriction, are withdrawn for the duration.

Civil Aviation Authority

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