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AtlasPRO helped rescue two missing tourists in Norway

On the 21st of September, joint Norwegian rescue crews employed AtlasPRO in their search and rescue operation in northern Senja.

According to HRS Nord-Norge, the locations of two Belgium tourists lost in Senja were found utilizing AtlasPRO in coordination with other resources.

The two tourists are said to have drifted apart on a trip. A female tourist was found and flown to Tromso shortly before 4 p.m. At 5.40 p.m. the male tourist was found.

Ralph Simonsen, a volunteer with NPAID rescuers and the leader of its UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) unit, says:

“When the emergency services launched a search operation in northern Senja, the weather increased the challenge. The air temperature was shifting plus/minus about 6 degrees, and it was rainy. But fortunately, the flight and reconnaissance performance of AtlasPRO remained reliable under these difficult conditions.”

HRS Nord-Norge, NPAID and the Red Cross participated as a joint rescue team in this search and rescue operation.

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