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UK – Skybound Rescuer recruiting

Gemma Alcock

I welcome anyone that is interested in joining SkyBound Rescuer to send their CVs to [email protected] along with answers to these 2 questions: what are you most passionate about in life? What value would you like to bring to SkyBound?

We will be advertising for specific roles over the coming months, but I don’t want that to deter other amazing people from applying. Hence why I’m posting this ahead of the specific recruitment adverts.

SkyBound Rescuer is a funded startup passionate about the use of drones in public safety and search and rescue. We have exciting opportunities for individuals with a strong fit for our organisation and culture, self-motivated individuals who understand that joining our small team they will become significant contributors to the success of our business and will enable us on our lifesaving mission.

SkyBound Rescuer is an equal opportunities employer. We are a female-led organisation and we actively encourage an inclusive culture within the business.

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