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Arcsky X55 hybrid – The utility drone with 3-hour flight times

The Arcsky X55 is a quad-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle platform with exceptional flight time and payload capabilities. One of the key differentiators of the X55 is the modularity and interchangeability of power sources.

Within seconds, the drone can go from using battery power (using the Battery Module) to hybrid gas-electric power (using the Hybrid Module). Additionally, there is a bottom-mount battery tray option that allows for top-mount payloads. With the Hybrid Module, the X55 can achieve up to 3-hour flight times and can accommodate payloads up to 6 pounds. With the Battery Module, the X55 can carry up to 20-pound payloads, for up to 23 minutes. The X55 has a universal mounting platform and rail system below the deck of the drone to allow for practically any commercial or industrial payload to be mounted and flown. The X55 can be run autonomously, with missions that can be programmed via waypoints and industry-standard ground control stations.

For easy integration with a variety of payloads, the X55 offers an accessory power port, which can deliver 5V, 12V, or 44.4V (12S) power, and an auxiliary communications port, which provides access to CAN, UART, PWM, SBus, and I2C outputs, in order to control gimbals, servos, drop-kits, and a variety of custom integrated solutions. The communication bay of the airframe gives access to FPV, receiver, and telemetry module connections, allowing the operator to customize those items if desired. 

The whole system can be transported with ease, by using the optional transport cases. The airframe folds into a compact volume in less than a minute, and the Hybrid Module has its own dedicated case. 

The default controller is the Herelink, which is an integrated controller, ground station, and digital transmission system that has the ability to plan missions and automate flights, in addition to offering a range of up to 12 miles (20 km) in ideal conditions. Other industrial controllers are also easily supported and can be integrated by request. 

The X55 is RTK capable and only requires the setup of the base RTK station to utilize this feature, which then provides centimetre-level accuracy and much better performance in position-holding (loiter) modes. An optional terrain-following rangefinder is available, which can help to avoid collisions in varying terrain conditions, as well as improve the altitude-holding performance in many situations. Finally, a variety of FPV cameras can be integrated, allowing high-definition live video feed, directly on the ground station or controller. 

The first units will be shipping in December 2022, and are manufactured in our Minneapolis, MN facility. NDAA compliant versions of the X55 are available for those that require that certification. 

Technical Specifications

Some of the most common relevant technical specifications are shown below

  • Max Takeoff Weight: 55 pounds (25 kg) 
  • Empty Weight: 18.2 pounds (8.25 kg)
  • Operating Temp: -4F to 113F (-20C to 45C)
  • Max Speed: 60 mph
  • Voltage: 12S (44.4V)
  • IP Rating: IPX7
  • Autopilot: Cube Orange
  • Flight Modes: Manual, Altitude, Loiter, Mission, RTL
  • Supported Radio: Herelink, Futaba, FrSky, and more (SBus compatible)
  • Supported GNSS: Dual Here 3 GPS
  • Payload Rail: 12mm OD, center-to-center 165mm
  • NDAA Compliance: NDAA compliant version available

The following are some basic features and key phrases about the X55:

  • Intuitive and simple operation
  • Portable, foldable, and lightweight
  • Quick and easy interchangeability of power sources
  • Quick and easy interchangeability of payloads
  • Options for extended transmission range for control, telemetry, and video
  • Real-time diagnostics and data of Hybrid Module performance 
  • Programmable and automated operating modes, such as mission flights
  • Accessory power outputs available (5V, 12V, 44.4V (12S))
  • Built-in real time kinematics (RTK) package for precision spatial positioning and GPS-limited environments

Where to Purchase

All purchases can be made online directly through the website (www.arcskytech.com), and flexible payment options/financing is available. Pricing will be available on the website after the official launch. 

Contact Information

Send us an email at [email protected] or call/text us at +1-612-260-9722.

Website: www.arcskytech.com

Arcsky was founded by Wilson Lau and Justin Squire in 2019, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Originating from a shared interest in applying targeted electrical and mechanical engineering solutions to common problems faced by modern-day drone use, the company is centered around the idea of practical solutions to extend flight time, payload capacity, and transmission range. Research and Development began in 2018 and culminated in mid-2022 with the testing of the final pilot production builds. 

Arcsky LLC offers safe and reliable unmanned aerial vehicle systems with universal platforms and flexible, interchangeable power sources. The core system features a variety of user-configurable options and can achieve greatly extended flight times, when compared to most currently available heavy-lift and industrial drone solutions in the market. This is achieved primarily through the use of a proprietary hybrid gas-electric power module that generates the electrical power needed to sustain flight for up to 3 hours, depending on payload and operating conditions. With a universal mounting platform and rail system below the deck of the drone, practically any commercial or industrial payload can be adapted and flown, allowing users to operate with more efficiency in the field, especially where infrastructure is lacking and access to electricity for charging batteries is not feasible. With flexible power options, in situations where flight time is less of a concern and a heavier payload or less operational noise is desired, a Battery Module can be quickly and easily interchanged with the Hybrid Module. The modularity and quick interchangeability of the power sources ensures that the X55 airframe won’t become obsolete in the future when new modules are introduced.  

Once the X55 is released and available in the market, Arcsky has future plans to launch logistics and delivery service offerings, which will take advantage of the already developed product to serve as a cost-effective platform for carrying out such tasks. First on the list of prospective projects is the delivery of medical samples and supplies in locations where other means of transport are either cost-prohibitive or extremely time-consuming and difficult. A potential pilot program has already been identified and development is in progress.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

  1. What types of payment methods are accepted?

Debit/Credit card, wire transfer, check. 

  1. Where do you ship? Do you ship internationally?

All 50 US states, and many countries around the world.

  1. How long will my order take?

60 days after deposit received. We are continuously working to improve the lead time. 

  1. Do you guys offer a comprehensive mapping package?

Not at the moment, but we are working on it. 

  1. Do you guys provide engineering support to help us integrate custom solutions?

We are happy to evaluate custom projects. This is not our main focus but we will see what we can do. Go to the “Contact Us” page and send us a message, or email us at [email protected]

  1. Is X55 hard to fly?

If you have prior experience with flying larger drones (8’’ props or larger), you should be able to operate X55 without issue. If you do not have any experience in flying drones, we do not recommend you to purchase this aircraft.

  1. Do I need a FAA Part 107 License to operate X55 in the USA?

If you are flying X55 recreationally, no. Everything else, yes. For customers outside of USA, please check with your local laws before operating this aircraft

  1. I only have experience with DJI products, how does the X55 compare?

Most DJI aircraft are smaller and they are usually pretty agile, responsive, and even aggressive. X55 is quite a bit larger, and due to inertia (physics), the handling and feeling of the drone is a bit smoother, but it shouldn’t be that much different. If you have prior industrial experience flying heavier payloads, you should be able to fly X55 with no issue. 

X55 Technical FAQ

  1. What’s included with the X55 standard package?

X55, Battery Module, Herelink controller (with Herelink accessories)

  1. Are Batteries Included with the X55 standard package?

Batteries are not included in the standard order, but can be purchased with the order and ship together.

  1. What kind of batteries does the X55 run on?

X55 can accommodate a variety of 12S LiPo batteries with XT90 connectors. Always run X55 with 2 equivalent packs at a time. Each pack must have a continuous discharge rating of 150A, and a 250A peak discharge rating. We recommend using the Tattu 12S 16 Ah batteries, as we did the majority of our testing using those batteries. 

  1. Can I use 6S packs in series, instead of 12S packs on the X55?

6S batteries with the right combination and sufficient current rating can be used for the X55. But we do not recommend using 6S batteries in series because it is easy to make mistakes and there are more connections and points of failure. Additionally, trying to secure 4 batteries instead of 2 can be challenging.  

  1. What kind of motors does the X55 use?

X55 uses T-motor P series motors.

  1. What kind of propeller does the X55 use?

X55 uses 30’’ props. 

  1. Can I use third party propellers on the X55?


  1. What flight controller does the X55 use?

X55 uses the Cube Orange flight controller.

  1. Does the X55 come with a ground station?

No, a ground station tablet or computer is not included.

  1. What software do I need to program waypoints?

QGroundControl (QGC), Mission Planner, uGCS, or other Mavlink based systems. 

  1. What is the center to center distance of the payload mounting tubes?

165mm Center to center. Payload tubes are 12mm outside diameter. 

  1. Can I fly with the camera payload on top?

Yes, you need to purchase the bottom-mount battery module separately. Top-mounting is currently not supported while using the Hybrid Module.

  1. What kind of flight times will I get with my X55?

It all depends on the payload and power modules you are using, please refer to the wiki page for more information, since it is easier to view in graphical/table form. 

  1. What kind of transmission/telemetry range does the X55 have?

Herelink is capable of a 20km transmission range in good conditions. This depends on weather, surroundings and direct line of sight. 

  1. What is the max payload weight that the X55 can carry?

The X55 is designed for a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 55lbs. Depending on the power modules you are using, you can carry up to 20 pounds of payload with the Battery Module, and up to 6 pounds of payload with the Hybrid Module (fully loaded tank).

  1. Does the X55 integrate with any of my apps? (Pix4d, Drone Deploy, Precision Flight?)

For any system where you can upload raw data, you should be able to use the X55. 

We are not formally integrated with any 3rd party apps yet, but it is definitely something we are planning to explore in the near future. 

  1. What FPV system does the X55 use?

We offer an FPV camera as an optional accessory that can be purchased separately. With the camera, the operator will be able to get live HD video feed directly on the Herelink controller. 

  1. What else do I need to fly the X55?

For the standard package, all you need is batteries. Once you have the batteries, you should have everything you need to fly the X55. For Hybrid Module customers, please refer to the wiki page for first time use. 

  1. How big is the travel case?
    See the following link for the exact specifications:


Hybrid Module FAQ

  1. What’s Included with the Hybrid Module package?

The Hybrid Module, XT90 Key and drill starter kit

  1. What kind of fuel is used for the Hybrid Module?

We recommend 91 Octane (95 RON) or above (note: fuel is always mixed with 2-stroke engine oil before use). 

  1. What does the maintenance look like for the Hybrid Module?

Please refer to the wiki page for more information about the maintenance schedule.

  1. How big is the Hybrid Module travel case?
    See the following link for the exact specifications:


  1. Is there a way I can monitor how much fuel is left?

Yes, you can monitor the fuel level directly through the controller.

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