Inspired Flight IF1200A

Inspired Flight Technologies, Inc., – A San Luis Obispo, CA, manufacturer of commercial sUAS (small
Unmanned Aerial Systems) for Government & Commercial Customers is excited to announce its latest
product launch of the IF1200A.

The IF1200A builds on the successes of its predecessor, the Blue UAS-accepted IF1200, by delivering a
category-leading 85% increase in flight time. The elevates the user experience of Inspired
Flight’s systems and further streamlines the workflows of operators in the field. The IF1200A is a major leap forward for the heavy-lift electric UAV market.

Designed for the same customer base as the IF1200, the IF1200A enables massive increases in overall
operational efficiency and cost savings over the 5+ year projected lifetime of the aircraft. This aircraft is
able to achieve 85% longer flight times with a larger battery, more capable motors, ESCs, and larger
propellers. This version incorporates the Blue Cube flight controller running ArduPilot software.

Inspired Flight manufactures sUAS ready to tackle complex and high-value commercial and government
applications. The company’s focus on mission-critical verticals means its technology is used in life-saving
and mission-critical ecosystems, across North America. With customers spanning the power utilities,
infrastructure, first responder, and government space, Inspired Flight is emerging as a leading American
provider of sUAS technology.

Conserving resources, creating jobs, and saving lives by leading the American small unmanned aerial
systems (“sUAS”) Industry.