Zipline Flight Operator – Chemelil Kenya

As a member of Zipline’s Flight Operations team in Chemelil, Kenya, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the delivery of medical products to health facilities is done in a safe and timely manner.

This will involve working with a team of flight operators to conduct regular pre-flight inspections, launching, and recovery of the drones (aircraft). You’ll be trained to conduct regular maintenance of the drones and other equipment at our site to support ongoing operations. You will be expected to contribute to the continuous improvement of our daily operations and processes to support the growth of our operations as we scale.


• Diploma or Degree in Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics/Aerospace Engineering

• You enjoy working in the field and are not afraid to get your hands dirty

• Ability to stay focused, humble, and safety-conscious during 12-hour shifts

• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and enjoy work that keeps you on your feet

• Ability to maintain focus during extended daily flight operations

• Comfortable troubleshooting mechanical and electrical issues with complex, battery-operated machinery

• Extremely process & detail-oriented

• Full professional proficiency in spoken and written English

• Must be eligible to work in Kenya


• Launch and Recovery: You will be responsible for the safe assembly of drones in preparation for 150+ flights, perform critical checks, communicate with Zipline controllers in readiness for flight, launch and disassemble drones on return to the Distribution Center.

• Maintenance of drones and ground equipment: You will be responsible for performing corrective and preventive maintenance: scheduled or unscheduled on Zipline’s Aircraft and Ground Equipment. The maintenance includes but is not limited to Aircraft body maintenance, aircraft wing maintenance, etc.

• Troubleshooting: You will be required to follow troubleshooting guidelines for the drones and ground equipment and collaborate with locally-based and USA based engineering teams to troubleshoot and optimize issues.

• Projects: You may be involved in short-term and long-term projects that involve collaboration across functional teams in efforts to scale drone deliveries to 150+ and improve operational efficiency.


Mechanical drawings, Troubleshooting, Engineering, Equipment and tool maintenance REQUIRED EDUCATION

Diploma, Associate’s degree

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