KVS Terratec acquires long-range drone infrastructure company Sevendof

KVS Terratec, a global leader in geodata acquisition and analytics, has just announced the acquisition of Sevendof, a long-range drone infrastructure company, in a deal that will significantly increase the company’s competitiveness within a fast-growing market where unmanned aircraft (UA) are used for mapping and inspection purposes.

Sevendof was founded in 2016, with the mission to create a long-range performance drone system that can carry out complex missions automatically. To date, they have developed a plug-in hybrid system that offers a range that’s up to four times longer than purely electric systems.

‘KVS Terratec delivers reliable and high-quality geodata products, which enables its customers to transition even more quickly towards a sustainable and digitized future. Sevendof’s resources and unmanned system design complements our strategy for aerial data acquisition, and we are very proud to welcome them to our family,’ says Cato Vevatne, CEO of KVS Terratec.

Both companies share a common vision of bringing the unmanned aviation industry to new heights, and this merger will significantly strengthen their position. Sevendof will merge with KVS Terratec to the benefit of the company’s international customer base. At the same time, the Sevendof team brings along unique experience in building high-tech robotic systems. By tapping onto the longer range of Sevendof’s hybrid drone, KVS Terratec has the potential to more than double the productive output from its unmanned operations.

‘There’s a growing market for sustainable data acquisition solutions today. By combining our drone technology with KVS Terratec’s expertise within geodata and the digitalisation of infrastructure, we will possess the capabilities to solve problems for all parts of the value chain – from drone-based data acquisition to the delivery of processed models – in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner,’ says Jostein Furseth, CTO of Sevendof.

‘Both our teams have achieved a great deal in parallel, and we have mutual respect and a clear appreciation for each others’ work. The teams in Trondheim and Sandnes are extremely motivated to come together to create an even more powerful technology that will form the basis of future systems for drone-based data acquisition,’ says Christoffer Apneseth, CTO of KVS Terratec.

About KVS Terratec

KVS Technologies and Terratec merged in October 2021 to form a global leader in geodata acquisition and analytics. Data is captured and transformed into living digital twins, through a combination of software, sensors, and autonomous technologies. These insights are used to build and maintain the world’s infrastructure in a sustainable way, boosting efficiency and reliability for customers within the infrastructure, construction, environment, and public sectors. The group has 280 employees in five countries, and net sales of approximately 350 million NOK. Learn more at kvstech.no and terratec.no

About Sevendof

Sevendof AS is a company building long-range drone infrastructure. Since its foundation in 2016, the company has been developing a hybrid drone system capable of carrying out missions automatically. The system has four times longer endurance than today’s conventional electric drone systems. Sevendof’s team consists of professional pilots and an international mix of engineers from the fields of cybernetics, data science and mechanics with a broad span of experience in building complex robotic systems. The company has offices, labs and workshop facilities in Trondheim.